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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

At Sherpa Wealth Strategies, we are not Certified Public Accountants or Enrolled Agents. We do not prepare income tax returns. We do, however, use sophisticated planning tools to give our clients big-picture context on the long-term tax impact of decisions they make today or in the future. 

Tax returns are about the past. Tax planning is about the future.

Tax planning topics we address:

  • Review of most recent tax return to understand nature of your income
  • Identification of issues to discuss with your tax professional
  • Modeling long-term tax consequences of Roth IRAs and Roth IRA conversions
  • Modeling long-term tax consequences of Health Savings Accounts
  • Modeling tax consequences of the timing of Social Security benefits
  • Modeling the tax consequences of retirement income on the Medicare premium surcharges known as IRMAA – Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts
  • Modeling tax consequences of Required Minimum Distributions from retirement accounts
  • Modeling the use of permanent life insurance to provide tax-free access to cash values
  • Using Qualified Charitable Distributions to maximize charitable impact
  • Proper use of beneficiary designations to leave your assets in the most tax-efficient way possible

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